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Russia imposed a ban on food imports from the West, including 11 EBRD countries where the EBRD invests, in early August. The one-year import ban on fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, milk and dairy products from the EU, the US, Australia, Canada and Norway was part of its reaction to the West’s own sanctions imposed as a response to Russia’s involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

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Russia-China Investment Fund (RKIF) reached an agreement to invest in a leading chain of stores selling products for children “Children’s World”

September 9, 2014 Russia-China Investment Fund (RKIF) has reached an agreement in principle to invest in the company, “Children’s World”, is a major player in the sector of specialized network of trade in goods for children in Russia. To date, 100% of the share capital of the company is controlled by AFK “System”.

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Runa Capital Managing Partner Dmitry Chikhachev: “Discriminating in business or science by country of origin is equally irrelevant”

As Runa Capital announced the launch of its second fund, Runa Capital II, with a focus on Europe, its managing partner Dmitry Chikhachev shared with East-West Digital News his views on the globalization of the startup and venture industry and the international positioning of his fund, which initially focused on Russia.
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